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Andreas Conow

Vertragsbindung als Freiheitsvoraussetzung

Grundlagen privater Vertragshaftung und Anwendung auf das Gesellschafterdarlehensrecht sowie die Kapitalausstattungspflicht in der GmbH
[Contractual Obligation as a Prerequisite for Freedom. The Foundations of Private Contractual Liability and Their Application to Partner's Loan Law as well as to the Capital Resources Obligation in the Limited Liability Company.]
2015. XXXI, 306 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-153065-4
Andreas Conow shows the prerequisites for individual freedom or individual power to shape policies guaranteed by constitutional law. In doing so, he simplifies the involvement of neighboring disciplines in the legislative procedure and provides practical solutions for the conflict of interests between partners and creditors of corporations.

Studien zum Privatrecht (StudPriv)