Jörg Frey

Vom Ende zum Anfang

Studien zum Johannesevangelium. Kleine Schriften IV
Herausgegeben von Ruben A. Bühner

[From the End to the Beginning. Studies on the Gospel of John.]

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Published in German.
This volume offers 30 studies on the Gospel of John that focus on the logic of Johannine theology, crucial issues of Christology, exemplary interpretations of texts, important theological topics, and the quest for the context of the gospel in Ephesus as well as its relationship with Judaism.
This volume includes 30 studies on the Gospel of John by Jörg Frey, written between 2009 and 2021, with a new introduction. The essays focus on programmatic topics, such as the logic of Johannine theology and the character of the gospel as a narrative memory of Jesus. Further highlighted are problems of Johannine Christology, such as the multiple resonances of the term 'logos', incarnation, and Docetism, while exemplary interpretations on the semeia narratives, the passion and Easter narrative, along with theological topics, including the discourse on God, faith and love, dualism and the understanding of 'the world' are also provided. The volume is concluded with studies on the context of the Gospel of John, the development of early Christianity in Ephesus, the 'Parting of the Ways' between Jews and Christians, the issue of Jewishness and a corresponding Johannine anti-Judaism.

Jörg Frey Geboren 1962; 1996 Promotion; 1998 Habilitation; Professur für neutestamentliche Wissenschaft mit den Schwerpunkten Antikes Judentum und Hermeneutik an der Theologischen Fakultät der Universität Zürich und Research Associate der University of the Free State, Bloemfontein/ZA.

Ruben A. Bühner Geboren 1990; 2020 Promotion; wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Habilitand am Lehrstuhl für Neues Testament an der Universität Zürich.


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