Von formaler zu materialer Gleichheit

Vergleichende Perspektiven aus Geschichte, Kranz der Disziplinen und Theorie
Edited by Stefan Grundmann and Jan Thiessen
[From Formal to Material Equality. Main Lines from a Historical and Multidisciplinary Perspective.]
2021. VII, 159 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-161140-7
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This volume connects the main lines assessing the principle of equality as the center of the postulates of justice from a historical and multidisciplinary perspective. Individual equality, the present-day core of the discussion and a product of the early modern period, developed into a positive constitutional principle in the French Revolution, and today the materialization of core elements such as human dignity. Whereas economics is at odds with equality, sociology and the systems theory are tackling systemic inequality.

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