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Lüder Gerken

Von Freiheit und Freihandel: Grundzüge einer ordoliberalen Aussenwirtschaftstheorie

[Freedom and Free Trade: A Basic Ordoliberal Theory of Foreign Trade. By Lüder Gerken.]
1999. XI, 338 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-147280-0
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In view of increasing globalization, today more than ever we are confronted with the question of whether the state is permitted to protect domestic companies from foreign-owned competition or if it should abstain from any form of protection. Lüder Gerken develops a basic ordoliberal theory of foreign trade, creating a new conceptional basis for determining which option, free trade or protection, is appropriate for foreign trade policy.

Untersuchungen zur Ordnungstheorie und Ordnungspolitik (UOrd)