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Karl Homann

Vorteile und Anreize

Zur Grundlegung einer Ethik der Zukunft
Herausgegeben von Christoph Lütge
[Advantages and Incentives. Laying the Foundations for the Ethics of the Future. By Karl Homann. Edited by Christoph Lütge.]
2002. VI, 274 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-147904-5
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In this collection of essays, Karl Homann outlines the foundations for a system of ethics in the 21st century. This has to be based on advantages and incentives, since in the age of globalization there is no other conceivable basis for ethics. Ethical problems are changing, and the emphasis for solving them is on institutional reforms. In order to deal with these problems, ethics has to work together with the social sciences, in particular with economics.