Vulnerabilität / La vulnérabilité

Diskurse und Vorstellungen vom Frühmittelalter bis ins 18. Jahrhundert / Discours et représentations du Moyen-Âge aux siècles classiques
Edited by Cécile Lignereux, Stéphane Macé, Steffen Patzold and Klaus Ridder
[Vulnerability. Discourses and Ideas from the Early Middle Ages and into the Eighteenth Century.]
2020. XII, 476 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-157675-1
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Historical research has long occupied itself with the medieval understanding of human weakness and its religious-anthropologic causes. Yet a broader interdisciplinary investigation of notions about vulnerability and how it was discussed and written down in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity has not been undertaken until now. This volume initiates the process and presents the first results of a German-French cooperation.

Bedrohte Ordnungen (BedrO)