Jean-François Kervégan

Was tun mit Carl Schmitt?

Mit einem erläuternden Essay von Benno Zabel
Aus dem Französischen übers. v. Bernd Schwibs

[What to do with Carl Schmitt?]

2019. VII, 367 pages.
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ISBN 978-3-16-156420-8
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Published in German.
Despite his association with National Socialism, Carl Schmitt has deeply influenced today's philosophy of law and politics. Jean-François Kervégan's new volume spans three decades of scholarship, and is a sophisticated appraisal putting the accuracy and fertility of Schmitt's thinking to the test.
Despite his association with National Socialism, Carl Schmitt's work has exerted a deep influence on current political and legal philosophy. Jean-François Kervégan's long-running critical engagement with the jurist's work has pursued a two-pronged didactic and conceptual approach. The first section of this new volume contains important details on Schmitt's life and career that could well explain the complex and polemic reception of his writings. The second part puts on trial the accuracy and fertility of Schmitt's thinking in relation to the five distinct conceptual areas: theology, normativity, legitimacy, politics, and the world. It is, as it were, about pitting Carl Schmitt's thinking against itself. Aided by this quintet of subjects, the purpose of these considerations is to show that it is well worth »taking one to get to know that same one.« Which means that as long as it seems productive to do so, one ought to freely adopt Schmitt's conception – or otherwise be rid of them.

Jean-François Kervégan Geboren 1950; 1990 Habilitation; Professor der Philosophie an der Universität Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris.

Bernd Schwibs Geboren 1945; langjähriger leitender Redakteur der Zeitschrift PSYCHE, Übersetzer aus dem Französischen, u.a. von Pierre Bourdieu, Bruno Latour, Julia Kristeva, André Breton, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Marcel Proust.


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