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Hans Kelsen

Wer soll der Hüter der Verfassung sein?

Abhandlungen zur Theorie der Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit in der pluralistischen, parlamentarischen Demokratie
Edited by Robert Chr. van Ooyen
[Who Should Be the Guardian of the Constitution? Studies of the Theory of Constitutional Jurisdiction in a Pluralistic, Parliamentary Democracy. 2nd expanded edition.]
2nd extended edition with a supplement; 2019. XXIII, 127 pages.
Published in German.
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Hans Kelsen is seen as the most important precursor of constitutional jurisdiction in the 20th century. In his two ground-breaking texts from 1929 and 1931, he defends his concept of a central judicial authority with the power of judicial review over parliament as an element of pluralistic democracy against Carl Schmitt's concept of a presidential guardian of the political unity »Volk«.