Wisdom as a Model for Jesus' Ministry 978-3-16-156730-8 - Mohr Siebeck

Eva Günther

Wisdom as a Model for Jesus' Ministry

A Study on the »Lament over Jerusalem« in Matt 23: 37–39 Par. Luke 13:34–35

[Die Weisheit als Modell für das Wirken Jesu. Eine Untersuchung der »Wehklage über Jerusalem« (Matthäus 23, 37–39 par. Lukas 13, 34–35).]

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In this study on the influence of the Jewish wisdom tradition on the shaping of early Christology, Eva Günther traces parallels between the function of Wisdom in various writings of Second Temple literature and the ministry of the earthly Jesus according to Matt 23:37–39 par., which portray Jesus as a representative of God like Wisdom.
Eva Günther traces the influence of the Jewish wisdom tradition on shaping the earliest Christology. While it is well known that Wisdom's role of a Schöpfungsmittler was transferred to Jesus in early Christian sources such as 1 Cor 8:6 and John 1:1–3, there is another important function of Wisdom, which can be related to the ministry of the earthly Jesus. The author demonstrates that Wisdom had come to be seen as an agent in history in some prominent Second Temple texts, allowing for her function of saving and guiding the people of Israel to be transferred to Jesus in the »Lament over Jerusalem« (Matt. 23:37–39 par.). However, rather than being presented as an incarnation of pre-existent Wisdom, Jesus is portrayed in the saying as a representation of God like the divine Wisdom, who in turn had taken on features of an »older« divine representative, the Angel of the Lord, in Second Temple texts. In the »Lament over Jerusalem« Jesus is presented as the contemporary form of this mediator.

Eva Günther Born 1964; 2018 PhD in Theology, University of Nottingham.


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