Word – Gift – Being

Justification – Economy – Ontology
Ed. by Bo K. Holm and Peter Widmann

[Wort – Gabe – Sein. Rechtfertigung – Ökonomie – Ontologie.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-149941-8
Published in English.
This book discusses the doctrine of justification in relation to gift-economy and the question of ontology in a contemporary Lutheran Theology. Especially the discussion of the role of gift-giving and mutuality opens new perspectives within Reformation Theology.
Focusing on the relationship between justification, gift-economy and ontology, this volume addresses fundamental issues in contemporary Reformation theology with an impact on the understanding of creation theology, human passivity/activity, self-giving, the concept of excess, and generosity. This volume brings the discussion of the role of studies in exchanging gifts into a Lutheran context, offering necessary clarifications on Lutheran thinking and Lutheran perspectives on existing discussions in other traditions. With its focus on gift-economy and ontology, this volume provides new perspectives on the core of Lutheran theology and identifies the crucial issues.

The volume contains English and German studies.

With contributions by:

Oswald Bayer, Ingolf U. Dalferth, Risto Saarinen, Bo Kristian Holm, Niels Henrik Gregersen, Christine Põder, Peter Widmann

Bo Kristian Holm is Associate Professor in Systematic Theology at the University of Aarhus, Chair person and project coordinator for the research project »Reformation Theology: Reception and Transformation« and Vice-President for Luther-Akademie Sondershausen-Ratzeburg

Peter Widmann is Professor in Systematic Theology (Aarhus) and was Dean 1994–2002.


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