Zeit und Ethik im Johannesevangelium 978-3-16-156876-3 - Mohr Siebeck

Olivia L. Rahmsdorf

Zeit und Ethik im Johannesevangelium

Theoretische, methodische und exegetische Annäherungen an die Gunst der Stunde. Kontexte und Normen neutestamentlicher Ethik / Contexts and Norms of New Testament Ethics. Band X

[Time and Ethics in the Gospel of John. Theoretical, Methodological, and Exegetical Approaches to Seizing the Moment.]

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It takes time for things to happen. Whether an action is too early, too late, or just right cannot be shown by the hands of time alone. Olivia L. Rahmsdorf recounts conflict narratives from the many told and temporalized in the Gospel of John, and discovers that the discord is mainly triggered by the characters' diverging orientation in time.
The Gospel of John recounts numerous conflicts between characters. Most of these conflicts are triggered by the character's diverging orientation in time. Even though searching for timeless norms in the Fourth Gospel might be a hopeless endeavor, one can still find several temporal norms worthy of recognition. For this reason, Olivia L. Rahmsdorf first describes the complex theoretical relation between time, ethics and narration, she then examines different literary tools to recognize time in narrative texts and finally analyzes Johannine characters and their conflicts in and with time.

Olivia L. Rahmsdorf Geboren 1988; 2007–14 Studium der Theologie in Münster, Beirut und Mainz; 2015–18 Promotionsstipendium des Gutenberg Nachwuchskollegs; 2018 Promotion; derzeit Vikarin der Evangelischen Kirche in Hessen und Nassau.


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