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Meister, Jünger, Rebellen
The articles in this volume deal with the contrast between "succession" and "contradiction" ( enantiosis and acolouthesis) within intellectual traditions. The authors study various forms and manifestations of these phenomena in three case groups from antiquity to the Middle Ages and the modern era up to and including the 20th century.
Cover of 'Frühchristliche Stoarezeption'
Charlotte Kirsch-Klingelhöffer
Frühchristliche Stoarezeption
The reception of Stoic philosophy is an important part of the early Christian discourse with contemporary philosophy. By comparing Christian texts to other ancient sources, Charlotte Kirsch-Klingelhöffer shows how Stoic thoughts such as conflagration, destiny and human autonomy, and terms such as logos spermatikos, either become part of Christian theology by adaption/modification or are criticized in order to engage in a dialogue with ancient philosophy.
Cover of 'Alexandria'
Alexandria was the intellectual capital of the Hellenistic-Roman world and at the same time a melting pot of cultures and religions. Scholars from various disciplines explore the numerous facets of this city in the conflict between culture and religion, ranging from the archeology, from the pagan and the Jewish up to the Christian and Islamic Alexandria.