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Cover of 'Optimale Besteuerung riskanter Einkünfte'
Dirk Schindler
Optimale Besteuerung riskanter Einkünfte
How can an income tax system cope with aggregate risk, which cannot be avoided by insurance contracts? In case of risky capital income, Dirk Schindler develops a new tax system: The Triple Income Tax.
Cover of 'Sozialkapital und Kooperation'
Kai Riemer
Sozialkapital und Kooperation
Interfirm cooperation has proven to be a strategically promising but also an extremely precarious organizational arrangement. A clear discrepancy between the demand for flexibility, in order to be able to react quickly to complex tasks, and the mechanisms for internal stabilization are typical structural characteristics of interfirm arrangements. In view of this situation, Kai Riemer applies the concept of 'social capital' to explain management challenges of interfirm collaboration in teams and to make practical recommendations for a social capital-oriented management.
Cover of 'Was hält eine Gesellschaft zusammen?'
Christoph Lütge
Was hält eine Gesellschaft zusammen?
Christoph Lütge argues that anthropological qualities cannot serve as a basis for ethics in a globalized world, because they are not immune to erosion by systematic counter-incentives. An order ethics, which is based on weaker prerequisites, namely the characteristics of situations and their basic conditions (orders), is more likely to count on cross-cultural approval in the era of globalization.
Cover of 'Institutionelle Strukturen und makroökonomische Stabilität'
Paul-Günther Schmidt
Institutionelle Strukturen und makroökonomische Stabilität
In a cross-national comparative analysis of central banks, exchange rate regimes, banking sectors, political systems and labor market relations in 47 democracies during the last quarter of the twentieth century, Paul-Günther Schmidt delivers strong empirical support for the basic message of his book that the roots of macroeconomic instability are deeply embedded in adverse and harmful features of the economic and political system of nations.