FAQ Journals online

Please go to mohrsiebeck.com/en/journals where you will find price information for each journal at the "subscription" tab.

Yes, institutions can subscribe to our journals online-only.
All subscribers to print issues (institutions and private individuals) will continue to have online access via the Mohr Siebeck eLibrary.

Please notify us if a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is not working. We will see to it that this is repaired. Our e-mail address is info@mohrsiebeck.com.

It is not permitted to archive the electronic version of the journals either partially or completely without having obtained Mohr Siebeck's consent.

Our subscription prices are valid for one location (single-site: one site = one city) of a medium-sized institution (up to 40 000 users). This is calculated by adding the number of students, faculty members and library employees. For multi-site subscribers or larger institutions, please address your inquiry to our customer services department at order@mohrsiebeck.com.

Authorized users are current staff members of the institution, library employees and other employees of the institution, those persons who are currently enrolled as students at the institution as well as visitors to the library (walk-in users) for the duration of their visit. Former students, former library employees and former staff members of the institution (alumni) do not have authorization.

The number of concurrent users with institutional access is unlimited, in the case of private access only the subscriber or the purchaser are authorized.

In general, the prices are valid for one campus (single-site). For multi-site subscriptions, please address your inquiry to order@mohrsiebeck.com in order to receive price information.

Authorized users are allowed to use the journals at computer sites in the actual institutional premises as well as by remote access via the institution's secure network – if the library supports this. Visitors to the library may be granted access to the journals only on the actual institutional premises.

Institutions may select authorization by IP address or by user name and password. In order to obtain authorization, individuals must enter their user name and password.

Upon the request of another library, institutional subscribers within Germany only are permitted to make a hard copy of part of a journal (for example an article) and to send this as an inter-library loan. This may not, however, be sent as an electronic copy or sent by electronic means.

Where legally admissible, authorized users may use appropriate parts of the journal content for the provision of printed seminar or course materials for use in teaching.

The user authorization ends on the expiration date of the subscription. Upon request continued access may be granted to PDF files of those parts of the digital content which were published and paid for during the duration of the contract as part of the subscription. The publisher will decide as to the form in which the material is to be made accessible.