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Cover of 'Für Vernunft und Recht'
Günter Spendel
Für Vernunft und Recht
In these collected studies, previously published in various other works, Günter Spendel deals with subjects of general significance which are also of historical and political interest. They have been written in a manner which emphasizes the author's trust in reason and his efforts on behalf of justice. The articles will appeal to those with or without a legal background and will help to counteract the educated laymen's lack of familiarity with the law, a lack which has often been lamented.
Cover of 'Bekenntnis - Kirche - Recht'
Hans M. Müller
Bekenntnis - Kirche - Recht
Hans Martin Müller attempts to mediate between the theological and the legal points of view in ecclesiastical law and the profession of faith. The purpose of his study is to examine the significance of theology for the practice of governing the church and for the Protestant understanding of the office of the church as well as the connection between the concept of the church and the church order.
Die Ordnung der Freiheit
An international circle of authors pay their respects to him in articles dealing with basic issues and current problems from the history and the theory of the law, German public law, European law, comparative law, foreign and international public law as well as the church and the state.
Jürgen Große
Kritik der Geschichte
Jürgen Große poses four basic paradigms of doubting and denying the absolutism of history that have emerged since the outset of the 19th century. Although having witnessed some metamorphoses, they still persist in our time.