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Studies in Honor of Peter Schäfer on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday
Ed. by Ra'anan S. Boustan, Klaus Herrmann, Reimund Leicht, Annette Y. Reed and Giuseppe Veltri, with the collaboration of Alex Ramos
2013. LI, 1399 pages.
cloth 449,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-152227-7

A History of the Leo Baeck Institute, 1955–2005
Ed. by Christhard Hoffmann
2005; unrevised student edition 2008. XIV, 474 pages. SchrLBI 70
sewn paper 54,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-149668-4

Festschrift in Honor of Joseph Dan on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday
Ed. by Rachel Elior and Peter Schäfer
2005. VIII, 415 pages.
cloth 239,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-148714-9

Studies in the Jewish Origins of Christianity. Presented to David Flusser on the Occasion of His Seventy-Fifth Birthday
Ed. by Ithamar Gruenwald, Shaul Shaked and Gedaliahu G. Stroumsa
1992. VIII, 240 pages. TSAJ 32
cloth 119,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-145996-2
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