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Osten-Sacken, Peter von der

Christlicher Baum und jüdische Wurzel

To whom does the Christian community pray? What do we do when we bless? Peter von der Osten-Sacken discusses these and ...


Giffone, Benjamin D.

Storymaking, Textual Development, and Varying Cultic Centralizations

How did the use of earlier narrative and legal material within Chronicles ...


Runia, David T.

Philo of Alexandria

This volume offers a collection of twenty-six studies by David T. Runia on the writings and thought of Philo of Alexandria. The author examines key areas of Philo's thought and ...


Lee, James Seung-Hyun

Reimagining Exile in Daniel

For the Danielic group, exile is a place of privilege, a locus of God's revelation and presence. By identifying themselves with those remaining in exile, ...


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75. Frankfurt Bookfair

October 18-22, 2023 in Frankfurt (Germany)


55th Annual Conference of the AJS

December 17-19, 2023 in San Francisco (USA)

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