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Cover of 'Revision, Kassation, Final Appeal'
Julian Philipp Rapp
Revision, Kassation, Final Appeal
Courts of last resort decide individual disputes but are also engaged in developing the law by precedents. This twofold assignment shows a profound contradiction in any appellate proceeding: Civil justice primarily serves to achieve individual justice whereas the function of a supreme court is predominantly or almost exclusively oriented towards a »public« interest emancipated from individual legal disputes by clarifying legal questions, developing the law, and ensuring the uniform application of the law by lower courts.
Cover of 'Nachhaltigkeit durch konditionierte Wirtschaftssubventionen'
Malin Nischwitz
Nachhaltigkeit durch konditionierte Wirtschaftssubventionen
Subsidies can be »loaded« with ecological conditions. Malin Nischwitz investigates this practice. In doing so, she considers policy coherence as well as the fundamental rights of the companies concerned and identifies a constitutional requirement to take ecological sustainability aspects into account.
Cover of 'Das sozialethische Unwerturteil als staatliches Fremdbild'
Inga Schuchmann
Das sozialethische Unwerturteil als staatliches Fremdbild
This volume deals with the question of the limits to which criminal law is subject. It revisits traditional concepts, including theories based on criminal law and on constitutional law, and proposes a novel approach based on a constitutional reading of the principles of guilt or responsibility.