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Archaeology and Bible

Edited by Israel Finkelstein, Deirdre Fulton, Oded Lipschits, Christophe Nihan, Thomas Römer, and Konrad Schmid

Since the collapse of traditional “biblical archaeology,” biblical studies and the archaeology of ancient Israel have developed largely independently of each other. The series Archaeology and Bible aims to create new bridges between these two academic disciplines, by providing original, cutting-edge critical studies on the literature and the material culture of ancient Israel in its Levantine context from archaeological, epigraphic and biblical perspectives. To that effect, the series will especially promote inter- and transdisciplinary studies, as well as new methodological and theoretical approaches in order to bring archaeological and biblical research into a close conversation.

ISSN: 2698-4520 / eISSN: 2698-4539 - Suggested citation: ArchB