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Bedrohte Ordnungen

Edited by Renate Dürr, Ewald Frie, and Mischa Meier

Advisory Board:
Regina Bendix, Astrid Franke, Klaus Gestwa, Andreas Holzem, Irmgard Männlein-Robert, Rebekka Nöcker, Steffen Patzold, Christoph Riedweg, Martina Stercken, Hendrik Vollmer, Uwe Walter and Benjamin Ziemann

Past and present societies under stress are the subject of the series Bedrohte Ordnungen (Threatened Orders), which is connected to the collaborative research centre 923 at the University of Tübingen. The authors inquire into the »if« and the »how« of social change as well as the regional and the epochal differences of orders and threats. The studies focus on extreme events such as riots and disasters as well as phenomena such as the disintegration or the competition of orders from Greek antiquity up to the present time. Of special interest is the relationship between the communication of a threat and the materiality, the emotionality and the intensification of threatened orders.
In view of ubiquitous diagnoses of crises, the study of Threatened Orders connects current perspectives and historical research on historically oriented cultural studies. Due to the combination of subjects and approaches, situated in previously separate disciplines, the contribution of cultural studies to the understanding of the present and the future can be redefined.
All volumes within the series are peer-reviewed by an international advisory board. This series is open to authors outside the SFB also.

ISSN: 2197-5477 / eISSN: 2568-4035 - Suggested citation: BedrO