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Beiträge zu normativen Grundlagen der Gesellschaft

Edited by Udo Di Fabio and Frank Schorkopf

This series offers an interdisciplinary forum for exploring institutional and normative questions to help deepen societal knowledge of the functioning and vulnerability of the institutions and socio-cultural foundations that make freedom possible. The aim is to develop an institutional concept that is situated between functional analysis and the theory of action. A clearer view of modern societies’ normative structure is sought by bringing together work from the field of law with related subjects from sociology, economics, and history. BnGG is equally open to monographs, post-doctoral theses, outstanding dissertations, and thematically-fitting collections. Works accepted for inclusion are also eligible for funding from the Forschungskolleg normative Gesellschaftsgrundlagen (FnG based at Bonn University).

Daniela Taudt, LL.M. Eur.
Program Director Public Law, International and European Law, and Fundamentals of Law

ISSN: 2569-2003 / eISSN: 2625-2406 - Suggested citation: BnGG