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Beiträge zum Sicherheitsrecht und zur Sicherheitspolitik

Edited by Jan-Hendrik Dietrich, Klaus Ferdinand Gärditz, and Kurt Graulich

The express intent of the series Beiträge zum Sicherheitsrecht und zur Sicherheitspolitik (SRSP) is to offer the fragmented scholarly views of »security« a common platform. In response to the dangers of international terrorism and the dynamic development of information technology, security law provides the basis for a modern, networked architecture of security. It unites the most diverse of law’s sub-disciplines whilst also setting out conflict resolution resources that can bring state duties and the protection of constitutional rights into an acceptable balance.

Daniela Taudt, LL.M. Eur.
Program Director Public Law, International and European Law, and Fundamentals of Law

ISSN: 2568-731X / eISSN: 2569-0922 - Suggested citation: SRSP