Beiträge zur historischen Theologie - Mohr Siebeck
Beiträge zur historischen Theologie
Edited by Albrecht Beutel
Among the renowned scholarly series dealing with this subject, the Beiträge zur historischen Theologie holds a special position. For more than 80 years, this series has been providing a forum for the publication of outstanding historical-theological monographs only whose design and appearance correspond to the high quality of the content. This series does not accept collections of essays or conference volumes. The series focuses on studies of all periods of the history of the church and theology. In addition, it also publishes the best historical studies which deal with subjects pertaining to exegetical, systematic and practical-theological disciplines.
The first eleven volumes of the series, supervised directly by the publisher Oskar Siebeck himself, were published between 1929 (E. Lohmeyer: Grundlagen paulinischer Theologie) and 1936 (E. Hirsch: Studien zum vierten Evangelium). After the Second World War, the series was reestablished with Gerhard Ebeling as its editor. After 28 years and the publication of 45 volumes (BHTh 12, 1950 to 57, 1978), the editorial responsibility was passed on to Johannes Wallmann (BHTh 58, 1979 to 119, 2002) for a quarter of a century. The volumes which have been published since, and those which will be published in the future, have all been and will continue to be bound by the strict, time-honored tradition of the series.
ISSN: 0340-6741 / eISSN: 2568-6569 - Suggested citation: BHTh
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Magdeburgs »Herrgotts Kanzlei« (1548–1551/2)
2003. XVII, 662 pages. BHTh 123
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ISBN 978-3-16-148171-0

Mit einem Nachwort von Christoph Markschies
1968; unrevised student edition 2003. IX, 402 pages. BHTh 39
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Studien zum sozialen und diakonischen Handeln in Pietismus, Aufklärung und Erweckungsbewegung
2003. XIII, 440 pages. BHTh 122
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ISBN 978-3-16-148169-7

Eine Studie zur Rezeption englisch-deistischer Literatur in deutschen Zeitschriften und Kompendien des 18. Jahrhunderts
2003. XII, 265 pages. BHTh 121
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Eine Interpretation Nietzsches und Untersuchungen zu seiner Rezeption bei Schweitzer, Tillich und Barth
2003. XV, 633 pages. BHTh 120
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Vätertheologie und Väterbeweis in den Kirchen des Ostens bis zum Konzil von Ephesus (431)
2002. IX, 500 pages. BHTh 118
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Eine Studie zur Gebetsliteratur und zur Theologie des Luthertums im 16. Jahrhundert
2001. XIII, 425 pages. BHTh 117
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Klassische Protestantismustheorien in ihrer Bedeutung für das Selbstverständnis der Praktischen Theologie
2000. XIII, 364 pages. BHTh 114
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ISBN 978-3-16-147299-2