Culture, Religion, and Politics in the Greco-Roman World - Mohr Siebeck
Culture, Religion, and Politics in the Greco-Roman World
Edited by Kendra Eshleman, Teresa Morgan, Laura Nasrallah, Maren R. Niehoff, and Peter Van Nuffelen.
Advisory Board: Milette Gaifman, Martha Himmelfarb, Hayim Lapin, Duncan MacRae, Jörg Rüpke, and Lieve Van Hoof
The series responds to an increasing awareness among scholars of the ancient Mediterranean world that phenomena of culture, religion, and politics cannot be isolated, but must instead be studied in relation to each other. Moreover, since the work of the History of Religions School, it is clear that such phenomena cross boundaries of languages, countries, and religions. To render a truly fruitful examination of Greek literature in the Imperial period, the time has come to acknowledge its deep entanglement in Roman politics and to investigate parallels in contemporaneous religious texts. The new series, launched by an international team of experts with a strong interdisciplinary orientation, provides the necessary platform for such pioneering research. Both Jewish and Christian texts as well as those dealing with Greek and Roman religion and philosophy will share the same standing. The series also welcomes studies on other religions and their connections in the Greco-Roman world.
ISSN: 2510-0785 - Suggested citation: CRPG
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Image, Space, Performance, and Vision in the Religion of the Roman Empire
Ed. by Marlis Arnhold, Harry O. Maier, and Jörg Rüpke
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Ed. by Maren R. Niehoff
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