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Die Einheit der Gesellschaftswissenschaften im 21. Jahrhundert

Edited by Nils Goldschmidt, Jan-Otmar Hesse, and Boris Holzer

The social sciences are today divided up into numerous disciplines, from economics to social studies, history and cultural studies, right up to law. In light of the very high standards of methodology in each field and the necessary specialisation, research that cuts across boundaries is becoming ever more rare and difficult to undertake. The series »Die Einheit der Gesellschaftswissenschaft im 21. Jahrhundert« brings together contributions that work on this synthesis. It includes monographs and collections that purposefully harness the methodological diversity of today’s social sciences to arrive at innovative insights and problem descriptions. The aim is not to seek new debates on methods, but rather to reveal fresh possibilities of perception through a multi-perspective approach drawn from various disciplinary contexts. EdG21 thus follows on naturally from »Die Einheit der Gesellschaften«, a series published between 1962 and 2013, which had a very positive impact in this respect.
Each volume in the series is assessed by the editors as well as external peer-reviewers.

ISSN: 2569-457X / eISSN: 2569-4588 - Suggested citation: EdG21