Dogmatik in der Moderne
Edited by Christian Danz, Jörg Dierken, Hans-Peter Großhans, and Friederike Nüssel
Dogmatics in the Modern Age, deals with subjects pertaining to material dogmatics. It presents studies which explore a problem posed by the modern age, the problem of an indispensable, but differing relationship to experiences and of the plurality of methodological approaches in view of issues in material dogmatics. What are the consequences of the various parallel approaches, based on revelation theology, the theory of subjectivity, the history of theology, idealism, hermeneutics, speech analysis, religious denomination, context and others for the accountability for every thing which pertains to Christianity? How is it possible for the Christian faith to have an impact today in the context of the religious pluralism in European societies and also in view of the challenges of Christian ecumenism? The Dogmatics in the Modern Age series sees itself as a forum for studies whose purpose is to use the various concepts in fundamental theology and methodology in order to make it easy to understand the individual themes and problems of Christian dogmatics and to prove their worth, or to obtain feedback and thus new suggestions for the prolegomena to dogmatics or to fundamental theology by extrapolating on material dogmatics.
ISSN: 1869-3962 / eISSN: 2569-3913 - Suggested citation: DoMo
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Kritisches Denken unter den Voraussetzungen der Moderne bei Theodor W. Adorno und Karl Barth
2011. XIII, 321 pages. DoMo 3
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On the Personal Individuation of the Holy Spirit
2011. XII, 307 pages. DoMo 2
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Zum Stand der Christologie im 21. Jahrhundert
Hrsg. v. Christian Danz u. Michael Murrmann-Kahl
2nd, reviewed and corrected edition 2011. X, 415 pages. DoMo 1
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