Economy and History
Edited by Michael Pammer, Mark Spoerer, Ali Coskun Tuncer, and Ulrich Woitek
This new bilingual series sets out to gather studies on economic history in the sense of historical economics, covering all epochs from antiquity to the present day and without geographical boundaries. It is to include specialised monographs and collected volumes with a strong thematic coherence that represent the prevailing standard of econometric and statistical research in economic history. The main section of each book – written in either English or German – will present findings in a readable and easily understood way, while explanations of more elaborate econometric approaches will be included in a technical appendix. In this way, the intention is to create a new platform for the results of top international (quantitative) economic history research and showcase highly accessible monographs aimed at enlivening the dialogue between economics, the humanities and other social sciences.
ISSN: 2700-2411 / eISSN: 2700-242X - Suggested citation: EconH
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How Did the Amsterdam Bond Market Perceive the Belligerents' War Effort During World War One?
2021. XVIII, 317 pages. EconH 2
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ISBN 978-3-16-159536-3
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The origins of public education in Imperial Austria 1769–1869
2020. XI, 301 pages. EconH 1
hardcover 59,00 €
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ISBN 978-3-16-159267-6
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