Emotions in Antiquity
Edited by Douglas Cairns, Eric Cullhed, Margaret Graver, Damien Nelis, and Dennis Pausch
Advisory Board: Ruth R. Caston, Thorsten Fögen, Therese Fuhrer, Laurel Fulkerson, Jonas Grethlein, Brooke A. Holmes, Christoph Rapp, Ruth Scodel, Frisbee Sheffield, Teun Tieleman

The emotions are now an established field of research in the historical humanities, attracting a steady stream of academic interest worldwide. Similarly, the past three decades have seen such a growth in the exploration of emotions in classical antiquity that this field too can be said to have experienced a pronounced ‘affective turn.’
As a response to this sustained interest, the Mohr Siebeck series Emotions in Antiquity offers a forum to bring together academic discussion on the subject and win international attention for outstanding studies on emotions in classical antiquity.
Guided by an editorial team of international experts, the series encompasses the entire field of research on emotions in Graeco-Roman antiquity, including its relationship to the neighbouring cultures of the ancient Mediterranean. It is equally open to case studies on texts, to studies of ancient visual and material culture, and to work on ancient theories of emotions, encompassing also overarching aspects such as reception aesthetics or questions of methodology. Both monographs and collected volumes are welcome.
ISSN: 2750-4689 / eISSN: 2750-4700 - Suggested citation: EmAnt
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Emotions, Configurations, and Reactions
Edited by Philipp Geitner, Dennis Pausch, Christoph Schwameis, and Rainer Wierzcholowski
2023. Approx. 250 pages. EmAnt
forthcoming in May
hardcover approx. 60,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-161035-6
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Einsatz und Wirkung von Emotionen im klassischen Griechenland
Herausgegeben von Viktoria Räuchle, Sven Page und Vibeke Goldbeck
2022. VIII, 324 pages. EmAnt 3
hardcover 89,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-161332-6
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Emotionsstrategien bei Cicero in den Jahren 58–49 v. Chr.
2022. XI, 298 pages. EmAnt 2
hardcover 79,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-161391-3
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From Antiquity to Byzantium
Edited by Douglas Cairns, Martin Hinterberger, Aglae Pizzone, and Matteo Zaccarini
2022. IX, 518 pages. EmAnt 1
hardcover 99,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-161341-8
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