Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts - Mohr Siebeck
Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts
Edited by Justices of the German Federal Constitutional Court
The BVerfGE – Rulings of the Federal Constitutional Court.

Sixty seven years and more than a hundred volumes into its history, the BVerfGE is one of the most influential and widely cited publications in German jurisprudence. Launched in 1952, it contains all the court’s senate decisions in their full length, including the five most cited German court rulings ever. The collection has grown annually since the founding of the Federal Constitutional Court in 1951, and new volumes are now added several times a year. The abbreviated citation form BVerfGE is a household name among German jurists, many of whom regard it as the authoritative collection.

The Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts is part of the Verfassungsrecht PREMIUM collection, which is available at beck-online.de.

Daniela Taudt, LL.M. Eur.
Program Director Public Law, International and European Law, and Fundamentals of Law
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2020. III, 415 pages. BVerfGE 152
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Registerband zu den Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts, Band 141–150
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