Grundlagen der Rechtswissenschaft - Mohr Siebeck
Grundlagen der Rechtswissenschaft
Edited by Horst Dreier, Ulrike Müßig, and Michael Stolleis
Our series, entitled The Fundamentals of Jurisprudence deals not only with the fundamental principles of the law but also with basic legal issues of a more general nature.
The development of jurisprudence is based not only on the individual disciplines and the areas related to them; it is also determined to a large extent by historical, philosophical, sociological and methodical questions. The common denominator of the history, philosophy, sociology and theory of the law is that each of these disciplines makes the law itself the subject of its research and thus each of them deals with the fundamentals of the law in its own way.
In the course of their everyday work, lawyers and legal scholars often lose track of these issues. In an era in which jurisprudence is becoming more differentiated, there is a danger that the various fields of law could become disjointed and that each of them could be dealt with in a superficial manner.
On the other hand, attending to basic issues increases the awareness of the law's dependence on the development of a society which sustains a legal system, it creates an understanding of how various areas are connected and provides orientation in the maze of innumerable individual questions. In this manner, dealing with basic issues helps to answer concrete legal questions and, due to the constant changes in the law, is also important for the education of jurists.

Daniela Taudt, LL.M. Eur.
Program Director Public Law, International and European Law, and Fundamentals of Law
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