Hermeneutische Untersuchungen zur Theologie - Mohr Siebeck
Hermeneutische Untersuchungen zur Theologie
Edited by Pierre Bühler, Christof Landmesser, Margaret Mitchell and Philipp Stoellger
HUTh is an international monograph series in which theological works in the field of hermeneutics are published. These works deliberately transcend the boundaries of specific individual theological disciplines, a fact which indicates the basic hermeneutic reflection as a recurring concept in all theological work. Since hermeneutics applies to various disciplines, the series also fosters interdisciplinary discussions, mainly with philosophical hermeneutics. Thus the series includes a wide range of systematic-theological, historical and exegetical studies dedicated to the pursuit of hermeneutic reflection.

An international team of editors, containing systematic theologians as well as exegetes, is in charge of this series, which accepts works which do not necessarily advocate a certain hermeneutic position but which show a willingness to deal with hermeneutic problems. The works published are monographs by well-known scholars as well as outstanding dissertations and habilitations.

Edited volumes in paperback
Since 2011 we have been publishing paperbacks in addition to cloth-bound monographs in our Hermeneutische Untersuchungen zur Theologie (HUTh) series, which documents conferences and research projects on current issues in hermeneutics in the form of edited volumes. In doing so, our intention is to instigate or describe discussions in the field of hermeneutics and to comment on current discussions in this field of research with contributions from various authors.
ISSN: 0440-7180 / eISSN: 2569-4065 - Suggested citation: HUTh
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Ein sprachphilosophischer Beitrag zu einer theologischen Sprachlehre
1996. IX, 298 pages. HUTh 34
cloth 119,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-146591-8

Aspekte neutestamentlicher Entmythologisierung im Anschluß an Rudolf Bultmann und Georg Picht
1992. XII, 226 pages. HUTh 31
cloth 89,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-146015-9

The Anthropology of the Gospel of John
1992. IX, 170 pages. HUTh 29
cloth 79,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-145806-4

Early Christian Interpretations of the History of Culture
1989. XIV, 220 pages. HUTh 26
cloth 59,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-145354-0

cloth 59,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-145203-1

Drei fortlaufende Lektüren zu Skepsis, Narrheit und Sünde bei Erasmus und Luther
1985. XIV, 202 pages. HUTh 20
hardcover 49,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-144879-9

Predigt – Hermeneutik – Sprache
1985. XIII, 255 pages. HUTh 21
hardcover 59,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-144877-5

paper 29,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-144792-1

cloth 79,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-144552-1

Versuche zu einer theologischen Kritik des dogmatistischen Denkens
1976. X, 186 pages. HUTh 16
cloth 49,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-137732-7