Hermeneutische Untersuchungen zur Theologie - Mohr Siebeck
Hermeneutische Untersuchungen zur Theologie
Edited by Martin Laube, Christof Landmesser, Margaret Mitchell and Philipp Stoellger
HUTh is an international series publishing theological works of a hermeneutical character, whether in the narrower sense of dealing with a hermeneutical topic or in the broader sense of a hermeneutical perspective. Its horizon ranges from questions of understanding, interpretation and construal via rhetoric to the field of historical hermeneutics. Hermeneutical reflection understood in this way crosses the intra – disciplinary boundaries of the theological disciplines and opens the channels for inter – disciplinary conversations with subjects and disciplines outside of theological studies, particularly philosophical hermeneutics.
The profile of the series encompasses a broad spectrum of systematic-theological, historical and exegetical, but also practical-theological and religious studies investigations, which dedicate themselves to hermeneutical reflection in a unique way. The prerequisite for inclusion in the series is not a particular hermeneutical position, but rather the engagement with the hermeneutical dimensions of the respective research topic. Published volumes have focused on topics, texts and thinkers ranging from antiquity to the present.
Alongside relevant specialized monographs as well as outstanding habilitations and dissertations, collected volumes published as paperbacks have been welcomed into the series since 2011 as a way of initiating innovative debates in the field of hermeneutics, commenting on ongoing discussions, or presenting the current state of research. The series is overseen by an international editorial board of systematic and exegetical theologians.
Enquiries about publishing in the series can be addressed either to the series editors or to the publisher.
ISSN: 0440-7180 / eISSN: 2569-4065 - Suggested citation: HUTh
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Drei fortlaufende Lektüren zu Skepsis, Narrheit und Sünde bei Erasmus und Luther
1985. XIV, 202 pages. HUTh 20
hardcover 49,00 €
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ISBN 978-3-16-144879-9

Predigt – Hermeneutik – Sprache
1985. XIII, 255 pages. HUTh 21
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Versuche zu einer theologischen Kritik des dogmatistischen Denkens
1976. X, 186 pages. HUTh 16
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ISBN 978-3-16-137732-7

Der Weg der Theologie Friedrich Gogartens von den Anfängen bis zum Zweiten Weltkrieg
1970. X, 304 pages. HUTh 12
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ISBN 978-3-16-131312-7