History of Biblical Exegesis - Mohr Siebeck
History of Biblical Exegesis
Edited by Mark Elliott, Jennie Grillo, David Lincicum and Benjamin Schließer
History of Biblical Exegesis (HBE) is an international series dealing with the entire scope of the history of biblical exegesis, from antiquity to the present. It resumes the Beiträge zur Geschichte der biblischen Exegese, founded by Gerhard Ebeling and published by Mohr Siebeck from the 1950s to the 1990s. The series includes in its purview works of enduring scholarly value and excellence, ranging from excellent dissertations or first monographs to important conference volumes and collections of essays, to specialist monographs by established experts. History of Biblical Exegesis is understood capaciously to include a broad variety of forms of sustained attention to the biblical text. An international team of editors oversees the series to ensure its academic quality.
ISSN: 2748-0313 / eISSN: 2748-0321 - Suggested citation: HBE
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Edited by Mark W. Elliott, Raleigh C. Heth, and Angela Zautcke
2022. XII, 235 pages. HBE 2
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Fifty Readings of Paul's Rhetoric From the Fourth to the Eighteenth Century
2021. XIV, 383 pages. HBE 1
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