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International Yearbook for Hermeneutics

Edited by Gert-Jan van der Heiden and Anna Novokhatko in cooperation with Günter Figal† and Bernhard Zimmermann

Advisory Board: D. Barbarić, G. Boehm, L. Crescenzi, I. Dalferth, N. Davey, M. Ferraris, Th. George,
J. Grondin, P. Kouba, I. Männlein-Robert, H. Mine, H. Ruin, J. Sallis, D. Schmidt and D. Westerkamp

This yearbook represents hermeneutics as one of the main trends in present-day philosophy with its counterparts in other sectors of the humanities. Hermeneutics sees itself as a successor to German idealism and to the philosophy which originated in Germany and Europe during the19th and 20th centuries. In a broad sense, hermeneutics can be seen here as a counterbalance to analytical philosophy.

The yearbook considers all approaches: Historically and systematically it is open to all fields of research which can be connected to the range of questions posed by hermeneutics, whether of a critical or an affirmative nature. Thus it does not only represent the research which refers to hermeneutical thinking in a narrow sense, for example the philosophies of Nietzsche, Dilthey or Heidegger. It places particular emphasis on the reference to antiquity as the origin of European philosophy.

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ISSN: 2196-534X / eISSN: 2568-8391 - Suggested citation: IYH