Mitteleuropäisches Zivilrecht - Mohr Siebeck
Mitteleuropäisches Zivilrecht. Studien und Beiträge zum ADHGB
Edited by Martin Löhnig and Stephan Wagner
The series Mitteleuropäisches Zivilrecht – Studien und Beiträge zum ADHGB (MZR) is a platform for studies on the legal field surrounding the General German Civil Code. This covers Germany as well as all successor states of the Austrian-Hungarian dual monarchy in (East-)Central Europe. Content-wise, the legal area is not limited to commercial and company law, but goes deep into general civil law, whose development right into the second half of the twentieth century was greatly influenced by the ADHGB. The series welcomes monographs, post-doctoral theses, outstanding dissertations and thematically-coherent collections alike.

Dr. Julia Caroline Scherpe-Blessing, LL.M. (Cantab)
Program Director Private Law, Criminal Law, and Procedural Law
ISSN: 2627-0935 / eISSN: 2627-0943 - Suggested citation: MZR
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Hrsg. v. Martin Löhnig u. Stephan Wagner
2018. XII, 431 pages. MZR 1
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