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Neue ökonomische Grundrisse

Edited by Jürgen Eichberger and Werner Neus
Founded by Rudolf Richter

For modern economic analysis, economic actions are embedded in a historically-based and political-institutional framework. In this context, the neoclassical theory of perfect competition constitutes a contrast to the various forms of modern institutional economics. Information economics and the game theory provide new methods of analysis which can be applied in economic analysis of the law, in public choice and in constitutional economics. The new institutional economics explicitly incorporates to a limited extent only the rational behavioural patterns of economic players in the analysis. This makes it easier to recognise the significance of the institutional framework for the results of economic actions.
The Neue ökonomische Grundrisse (NöG) series contains textbooks embracing this new perspective. It provides students of the subject, whether they be political or business economists, a new insight into all fields of economic history.

All volumes in the series, which is overseen by two editors, have been peer-reviewed to evaluate their content suitability and didactic worth.

Please send all manuscripts and editorial enquiries to the editorial office or the publisher.

ISSN: 1434-3363 / eISSN: 2568-8839 - Suggested citation: NöG