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Edited by Elisabeth Cheauré, Gregor Dobler, Monika Fludernik, Hans W. Hubert, and Peter Philipp Riedl

Advisory Board: Barbara Beßlich, Christine Engel, Udo Friedrich, Ina Habermann, Richard Hunter, Irmela von der Lühe, Ulrich Pfisterer, Gérard Raulet, Gerd Spittler, Sabine Volk-Birke

The book series Otium of the Collaborative Research Center 1015 »Otium/Leisure« situated at the University of Freiburg/Germany publishes monographs and edited volumes dealing with the meanings, cultural forms and social roles played by otiose leisure. Leisure is here understood as freedom to be at rest, a free time which is liberated from the logic of work and production, yet it often continues to be subject to the constraints of work and labour and fulfills a restorative function intended to preserve health and energy.

The volumes in this series examine the concept of leisure from a variety of historical and social perspectives and contexts. Contributions to the series do not conceive leisure to be merely equivalent to withdrawal to an idyllic retreat but consider leisure phenomena to constitute a field of contestation within which fundamental questions raised by different contexts and disciplines are exposed to scrutiny; thus there are to be observed continually negotiated tensions between the phenomenological determination of our situatedness in the world, the analysis of authorship and creativity or the changing parameters between, on the one hand, individual freedom and, on the other, the socially ascribed roles and expectations with which we are faced.

By examining the phenomenon of otiose leisure, this book series therefore also aims to intervene in the current debates about contemporary work-orientated society and its attendant aporias.
Volumes offered to the series will be evaluated by external readers from the series’ advisory board.
The series is open to authors outside the Collaborative Research Center.

ISSN: 2367-2072 / eISSN: 2568-7298 - Suggested citation: Otium