Philosophische Untersuchungen - Mohr Siebeck
Philosophische Untersuchungen
Edited by Günter Figal and Birgit Recki
The series Philosophische Untersuchungen has been bringing together contributions from the various fields of philosophy such as epistemology, philosophy of language, aesthetics and ethics since 1997. The focus of the series lies hereby in phenomenological and hermeneutic approaches. Relevant studies on the work of individual thinkers find their place next to systematic examinations of complex subject areas. All published volumes are thoroughly reviewed and unanimously accepted into the series by its editors.
ISSN: 1434-2650 / eISSN: 2568-7360 - Suggested citation: PhU
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Der Fregesche Weg
1998. XII, 155 pages. PhU 4
sewn paper 49,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-146826-1

Übers. u. eingel. v. Hildegund Bernard
1997. VIII, 442 pages. PhU 1
cloth 79,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-146803-2

Zur Verwendung des Sagbarkeitsprinzips von Platon bis Wittgenstein
1997. XII, 299 pages. PhU 2
sewn paper 49,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-146804-9

Parmenideische Meditationen
1997. IX, 162 pages. PhU 3
sewn paper 34,00 €
including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-146805-6