Edited by Rolf Gröschner and Oliver W. Lembcke
POLITIKA, written with a »k.« The title of this series brings to mind the Aristotelian »politika« and its desire to understand the citizens' concerns. Although the present social conditions are different from those in Greek antiquity, then as now the question of a good life in a community of free and equal citizens remains the same. In order to enable a comparison, it is necessary to look at old European traditions of political or – synonymous in the Latin tradition – republican thinking.

A republic, or anything which deserves to be called one, thrives on the interdependence between freedom and order. Challenged by the humanism of the Italian Renaissance, implemented in the conscience of the Christian Reformation and strengthened by the human rights of modern revolutions, the individual freedoms of the citizens have a problematic dialectical relationship with the institutional freedom of civic order as a whole. The publications in POLITIKA deal with this problematic dialectical relationship. Together, they endeavor to comprehend the requirements and the potential for organizing a dynamic balance between the freedom of the citizens as a whole community and the freedom of all individuals.

For those constitutions based on freedom, the task of stabilizing this balance continuously is not only an economic one and not only in the nation state; it has to be carried out in all fields of politics, on all levels of national, supranational and international organizations and for all those sciences which deal with the phenomenon of the political. This means that the public law doctrine will have to make an effort to regain its political horizon and to develop the ius publicum into a ius politicum. In the tradition of political philosophy, trying to establish a good order will remain a basic problem for innovative cultural and social sciences. These sciences will be held responsible for preserving an appreciation of normative structures in the awareness of the legal principles of communities governed by a constitution. POLITIKA provides a forum for a variety of theories and methods – as interdisciplinary as possible in their dialogues and as transdisciplinary as possible in their results.

Daniela Taudt, LL.M. Eur.
Program Director Public Law, International and European Law, and Fundamentals of Law
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Eine Auseinandersetzung mit dem Absolutheitsanspruch der Würde
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2009. VIII, 322 pages. POLITIKA 2
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Hrsg. v. Rolf Gröschner, Stephan Kirste u. Oliver W. Lembcke
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