Recht - Wissenschaft - Theorie - Mohr Siebeck
Recht - Wissenschaft - Theorie. Standpunkte und Debatten
Edited by Matthias Jestaedt, Oliver Lepsius, Christoph Möllers, and Andreas Voßkuhle
In everyday jurisprudential work, the theoretical dimensions of the law are relegated to the background by practical questions. The view held by most is that there is no need to comment in detail on theory and method; these are simply applied to everyday practical work. The series presented here focuses on the significance of theory for jurisprudence. It creates a platform for monographs and anthologies whose goal is to promote jurisprudential self-reflection or the reflection of others on legal subjects. The issues concerned are the division of labor between the various single branches of the law and the law-making institutions as well as the interdisciplinary ability of legal science to connect with neighboring disciplines. The series deals with the proprium of jurisprudence as a science which is guided by theory and not merely motivated by practical experience, in other words: with the basic issues in jurisprudence which call for standpoints and trigger debates.
ISSN: 1864-905X / eISSN: 2569-4243 - Suggested citation: RWT
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