Rechtstheorie • Legal Theory - Mohr Siebeck
Rechtstheorie • Legal Theory
Edited by Thomas Gutmann, Tatjana Hörnle, and Matthias Jestaedt
This new series collects innovative contributions on the “grammar” of the law. The mounting complexity and pluralisation of legal orders on the one hand and their increasing interactions and dependencies on the other mean that fundamental knowledge of functional law is of ever greater importance.

Dr. Julia Caroline Scherpe-Blessing, LL.M. (Cantab)
Program Director Private Law, Criminal Law, and Procedural Law
ISSN: 2629-723X / eISSN: 2629-7248 - Suggested citation: RTh
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A Descriptive Approach to the Concept of Rights
2019. XIII, 256 pages. RTh 1
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