Religion: Debatten und Reflexionen
Edited by Alexander Filipovic, Jürgen Mohn, Johanna Pink, Susanne Talabardon and Matthias Wüthrich
Religion: Debates and Reflections (RDR) mirrors the significance for society of religious diversity, putting it into the context of law, politics, education, the media, and the economy from the perspectives of religious studies, theology, Jewish studies, Islamic studies, and jurisprudence as well as other social and cultural sciences.
ISSN: 2700-7138 / eISSN: 2700-7146 - Suggested citation: RDR
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Anspruch und Widerstreit in Religionskonflikten
Herausgegeben von Matthias D. Wüthrich, Matthias Gockel und Jürgen Mohn
2020. XI, 437 pages. RDR 1
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ISBN 978-3-16-155899-3
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