Religion der römischen Provinzen
Edited by Hubert Cancik and Jörg Rüpke
in association with Carsten Colpe, Peter Herz, Christoph Markschies, John Scheid, and Guy G. Stroumsa
In the Religion der römischen Provinzen (The Religion of the Roman Provinces) series, an attempt is made to describe the religious history of the Mediterranean during the period of its integration by the Roman Empire. A chronological and spatial matrix for this is based on the establishment of the provinces (from the 3rd century BC on) and their subdivision into new imperial provinces in late antiquity. The volumes focus on the new developments, on the importation of new religious signs and media from the religious centers, in particular, but not only from Rome, on the Romanization of existing traditions, on the development of new religious forms, which often involved the creation of new provincial societies. All the studies deal with regional developments and their connection to supra-regional developments, their involvement in the economic and administrative structures, their mobility and the diversity of cultural exchanges in the Roman Empire. Although the volumes differ in their tables of contents, their selection of sources as well as the epochs, they do try to achieve a certain conceptual and methodological uniformity and to give a comprehensive coverage of their subject by using all these narratives on the individual provinces to sum up the Roman epoch of Mediterranean religious history.
ISSN: 2364-2521 / eISSN: 2569-4278 - Suggested citation: RRP
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Religionsgeschichte des römischen Germanien II
2008. XXIII, 392 pages. RRP 3
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Religionsgeschichte des römischen Sizilien
2006. XX, 424 pages. RRP 4
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Religionsgeschichte des römischen Germanien I
2003. XXIII, 663 pages. RRP 2
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The Pagan Cults in Roman Palestine (Second to Fourth Century)
2001. XXI, 386 pages. RRP 1
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