Scripta Antiquitatis Posterioris ad Ethicam REligionemque pertinentia
Edited by Reinhard Feldmeier, Rainer Hirsch-Luipold and Heinz-Günther Nesselrath
Advisory Board: Barbara E. Borg, Maximilian Forschner, Dorothee Gall, Reinhard Gregor Kratz, Gustav Adolf Lehmann, Jan Opsomer, and Ilinca Tanaseanu-Döbler
For a long time, Greek and Latin texts from late antiquity (1st to 4th century AD) were in the shadow of the so-called »classic« epochs. There was however an abundance of works on philosophy, ethics and religion in Greek and in Latin during the first four centuries AD, and these works have not lost their relevance.

It is the goal of the SAPERE series (Scripta Antiquitatis Posterioris ad Ethicam REligionemque pertinentia, Writings in Late Antiquity on Ethical and Religious Issues) to make precisely these texts available in an innovative combination of edition, translation and interdisciplinary commentary in an essay form.

The name SAPERE is a deliberate link to the various connotations of the Latin verb. In addition to the intellectual aspect (which Kant in the translation of sapere aude, »Have courage to use your own understanding,« used as the motto of the Enlightenment), the sensuous aspect of »taste« will also be given the attention it deserves: On the one hand, major sources for the discourse in various disciplines (theology and religious studies, philology, philosophy, history, archaeology...) are to be presented, on the other hand the texts dealt with are also meant to whet the readers' appetites.

Thus a careful scholarly examination of the texts which are explained from various angles in the essays will be combined with a linguistic presentation which does not lose sight of the relevance of the texts for the history of ideas and at the same time shows the importance of authors of antiquity for discussions on current issues.

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ISSN: 1611-5945 / eISSN: 2569-4340 - Suggested citation: SAPERE
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Ein Überblick über Namen, Bilder und Deutungen
Hrsg. v. Heinz-Günther Nesselrath, eingel., übers. u. m. interpretierenden Essays vers. v. Fabio Berdozzo, George Boys-Stones, Hans-Josef Klauck, Ilaria Ramelli u. Alexei V. Zadorojnyi
2009. X, 259 pages. SAPERE XIV
cloth 49,00 €
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ISBN 978-3-16-150072-5
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Ed. by Peter E. Pormann. Introduction, Text, Translation and Interpretative Essays by Philip J. van der Eijk, Vivian Nutton, Peter E. Pormann, Thomas Rütten, Peter-Klaus Schuster, Simon Swain a.o.
2008. XV, 332 pages. SAPERE XII
eBook PDF
ISBN 978-3-16-156442-0
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-156442-0

Zusammen mit dem Brief des Mordechai an Alexander und dem Brief des Annaeus Seneca über Hochmut und Götterbilder
Eingel., übers. u. mit interpretierenden Essays versehen v. Alfons Fürst, Therese Fuhrer, Folker Siegert u. Peter Walter
2006. X, 215 pages. SAPERE XI
cloth 54,00 €
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ISBN 978-3-16-149131-3
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Eingel., übers. u. mit interpretierenden Essays versehen v. Herwig Görgemanns, Barbara Feichtinger, Fritz Graf, Werner G. Jeanrond u. Jan Opsomer
2006. X, 323 pages. SAPERE X
eBook PDF
ISBN 978-3-16-156445-1
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-156445-1