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Texts and Studies in Ancient Judaism

Edited by Maren Niehoff, Annette Y. Reed, Seth Schwartz, and Moulie Vidas

The series, founded in 1980 by Martin Hengel and Peter Schäfer, deals with any aspect of Judaism in antiquity from the Second Temple Period to the period of tannaitic and amoraic rabbinic literature. The volumes comprise editions, translations and commentaries of texts such as the Talmud, the Mishnah, Midrashim, the Tosefta and the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as studies on Hellenistic authors such as Philo and Josephus. The main focus is on Jewish life, politics, religion, literature and culture in interaction with its ancient surroundings, although volumes dealing with aspects of the impact and reception of Judaism in antiquity are also included. In addition to collections of source material and editions, TSAJ features monographs and collections of essays by renowned scholars, as well as conference proceedings on themes central to the discipline that have an innovative and cohesive vision. The criteria for acceptance to the series are the scholarly quality and lasting merit of the work being submitted.

ISSN: 0721-8753 / eISSN: 2568-9525 - Suggested citation: TSAJ