utb Jüdische Studien - Mohr Siebeck
utb Jüdische Studien
Edited by René Bloch, Alfred Bodenheimer, Frederek Musall, and Mirjam Zadoff
Jewish Studies is a series of volumes on central topics of the discipline. It aims to cover the entire range of Jewish Studies. This includes monographs on ancient and medieval text-cultures (Hellenistic Judaism, Qumran, Talmud, Midrash, and biblical exegesis) and the various epochs of Jewish history. In addition, volumes on cultural-historical subjects such as Jewish art, philosophy and literature as well as specific areas of more recent history such as Zionism and Holocaust studies are also included. Jewish Studies is designed to introduce and deepen knowledge of the discipline, providing students and teachers as well as interested readers from neighbouring fields (history, religious studies, theology, literature etc.) with a thematic overview.
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2020. XXVII, 538 pages. utb Jüdische Studien 4
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ISBN 978-3-8252-5135-2

2016. XI, 368 pages. utb Jüdische Studien 4675
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2016. VIII, 284 pages. utb Jüdische Studien 4676
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Die Texte vom Toten Meer und das antike Judentum
2016. XIII, 462 pages. utb Jüdische Studien 4681
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ISBN 978-3-8252-4681-5