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Cover of 'Triage in der Pandemie'
Triage in der Pandemie
The peak of the Covid-19 pandemic ruthlessly exposed the need to deal with exceptional situations before they occur. Against this backdrop, the authors in this volume from the fields of law and ethics discuss how to select those patients in need of treatment when intensive care resources are scarce. What selection criteria are permitted and appropriate for triage, and who should set the general rules? For this 2nd edition, an article on the current legal situation since 2021 has been added.
Meister, Jünger, Rebellen
The articles in this volume deal with the contrast between "succession" and "contradiction" ( enantiosis and acolouthesis) within intellectual traditions. The authors study various forms and manifestations of these phenomena in three case groups from antiquity to the Middle Ages and the modern era up to and including the 20th century.