Religious Studies
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Praxis, Kontexte und Bedeutung
Herausgegeben von Reinhard Müller, Hans Neumann, Reettakaisa Sofia Salo unter Mitarbeit von Clemens Steinberger
2022. XV, 341 pages. ORA 47
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ISBN 978-3-16-156724-7
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RRE 8/1 (2022) , p. I (1)
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Proceedings of the Annual Minerva Center RIAB Conference, Leipzig, 2018. Research on Israel and Aram in Biblical Times III
Edited by Angelika Berlejung, Aren M. Maeir, and Takayoshi M. Oshima
2022. VII, 342 pages. ORA 45
cloth 134,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-161248-0
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Studies on the History, Religion and Literature of the Judeans in Persian Period Egypt
Edited by Reinhard G. Kratz and Bernd U. Schipper
2022. XII, 385 pages. FAT 155
cloth 144,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-160996-1
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