Religious Studies
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Herausgegeben von Klaus von Stosch und Christiane Tietz
2022. Approx. 200 pages. HUTh
forthcoming in January
sewn paper approx. 70,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-159320-8
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Pragmatist, Ethicist, Philosopher of Religion
Edited by Christoph Seibert and Christian Polke
2021. VIII, 277 pages. RPT 112
forthcoming in November
sewn paper 79,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-159857-9
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Thought and Impact of the Classical Muslim Thinker Miskawayh (d. 1030)
Edited by Sebastian Günther and Yassir El Jamouhi
2021. XV, 393 pages. SERAPHIM 14
forthcoming in September
hardcover 69,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-159944-6
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Fünf Geschichten eines Erinnerungsortes in Judentum, Christentum, Islam und Baha'i
Herausgegeben von Albrecht Fuess und Volker Leppin
2021. VII, 232 pages.
sewn paper 44,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-160014-2
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Der religionstheoretische Diskurs der 9/11-Dekade
2021. XII, 436 pages. DoMo 36
sewn paper 99,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-160794-3
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sewn paper 84,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-160720-2
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Claremont Studies in the Philosophy of Religion, Conference 2017
Edited by Ingolf U. Dalferth and Trevor W. Kimball
2021. IX, 369 pages. RPT 110
sewn paper 89,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-160135-4
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Eine philosophische Studie in theologischer Absicht
2021. X, 250 pages.
paper 34,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-160658-8
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Interactions between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century
Ed. by Alexander A. Dubrau, Davide Scotto, and Ruggero Vimercati Sanseverino
2021. IX, 404 pages. SapI 3
cloth 124,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-156241-9
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The Political in John D. Caputo's Radical Theology
2021. XII, 269 pages. RPT 105
sewn paper 94,00 € including VAT
ISBN 978-3-16-159230-0
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