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The Mohr Siebeck text books and literature suitable for studies are listed under "Textbooks". Lists of titles can be found in the following areas:

Theology – Textbooks
Jewish Studies – Textbooks
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Philosophy – Textbooks
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We provide one free copy of text books from our series Mohr Lehrbuch (MLB), Neue ökonomische Grundrisse (NÖG) and Neue theologische Grundrisse (NThG) for lecturing purposes.  Please direct your enquiry with details of the teaching course and the title desired to

Mohr Siebeck is part of the utb cooperative which issues text books along with other independent publishers. A list of Mohr Siebeck's utb titles can be found in every subject area in the category Types of Book as well as in the category Theological Series: utb / Themen der Theologie (utb / TdT) and utb Jüdische Studien (utb Jüdische Studien). For further information, please go to: